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Palletsmith® Pallet Jack




Pallet Jacks by Palletsmith® are manufactured to be among the most durable pallet jacks in the industry.  And we are committed to total parts support.  Learn More...


Pallet Jack Stop (Stop N' Hold® )


Our unique pallet jack stop was designed to eliminate freight and trailer door damage due to runaway pallet trucks. 


It's easy to use, easy to store and it protects valuable freight and equipment from damage.  Learn More...



Pallet Jacks from Palletsmith® 

At Palletsmith®, we're not a distribution center.  Our material handling experts engineer, design, and build products to meet your needs.

Palletsmith® pallet trucks and replacement parts are quick ship ready, in stock for immediate shipment. Inquire for quantity and national account pricing

Product Spotlight

Want to review our latest products in detail?  Visit our Products Spotlight page for in-depth information on our latest pallet jack offerings.

Quality Pallet Jacks

QUALITY FIRST! Our standard hand pallet jack comes with a 2 year  hydraulic pump and handle warranty and superior technical assistance. Great customer service, parts support, and quality service are why you will choose Palletsmith® pallet trucks again and again.

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Palletsmith® hand pallet jacks incorporate a simple, high quality pump that is reliable even when challenged in freezing temperatures.

Pallet Jack Chock - Improve Safety with Stop N' Hold®

 The pallet truck will stay where you put it make it easy for any freight carrier to secure their pallet truck during transit.

This innovative and inexpensive product is an ideal solution for the trucking and freight industry.

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