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Palletsmith® Options for Standard Pallet Trucks

Palletsmith® by Herwin, Inc. offers options for the Standard Model Pallet Trucks

The options shown here are for Standard Models only. Model number is needed before ordering.  (You can find our list of standard model pallet trucks on our Pallet Truck page.)  Please call 1-800-868-5438 for pricing on special options.

Options List Price
48" High Backrest (27" wide only) $100.00
27" Skid Adapter $94.00
20.5" Skid Adapter $82.00
Steel Wheels & Rollers $48.00
White Nylon Wheels & Rollers $35.00
Stop N' Hold Pallet Truck Stop $37.00
Stop N' Hold Holder $20.00
Brake Assembly $218.00
Optional Backrest for Pallet Jack
Back Rest
Skid adapter for pallet jack
Skid Adapter
Steel Rollers on Pallet Jack
Steel Rollers
Wheel Chock for Pallet Jack
Stop N' Hold
Pallet Truck Stop
Pallet Jack Chock holder
Stop H' Hold

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