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Hand Jack Manufactured by Palletsmith

Hand Jack Manufacturer

Hand Jack Manufactured by PalletsmithHand Jacks manufactured for rugged, every day use in warehouse, industrial, and commercial facilities of all types.

At Palletsmith, we make your heavy moving jobs easier.

We offer durable models in standard sizes, as well as customizing hand jacks to meet your special needs.

Our pallet jack parts service and fleet equipment offerings make Palletsmith an excellent choice for your company’s needs.

Standard Hand Jacks

  • Available in 27 X 48 and 20.5 X 48 fork configurations
  • Durable, hand jacks available in both standard and odd sizes
  • Conforms to Federal Motor Carrier Securement Rules
  • Optional hand jack chock holder mounted to the unit (Stop N Hold)

Visit our Pallet Trucks order page to learn more.

 Custom Orders

Customized hand jacks are no problem at Palletsmith. Give us your specifications. Whether you need special short or long forks, narrow forks, low profile forks, or special wheels and rollers, Palletsmith can meet the order.

We have the design expertise and proven experience to deliver the hand jack that solves your materials handling challenge.

Visit our Custom Manual Pallet Jack page to learn more.

The Danger of Inexpensive Hand Jacks

The low price of throw away designs and cheap units may be attractive, but in reality you end up paying less for durable Palletsmith hand jacks that last and last! At Palletsmith, we offer the best value for your dollar, rugged designs that are neither overpriced nor underpriced, but just right and built to serve your material handling needs for years to come.

Learn more by why it’s best to “Say No to Cheap Pallet Jacks.” Visit our Inexpensive Pallet Jacks page. 

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