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Palletsmith® Pallet Truck Safety

Pallet Truck Safety Procedures

  • Cargo-securement-safety-proceduresPlease read and understand the operation and safety contents before operating this manual pallet truck.
  • Never exceed the rated capacity of this hand pallet truck and always distribute the loads evenly over the width and length of the forks.
  • Never pick up a load with only one fork or try to position the load with only the fork tips.
  • Never put your hands or feet under or between the pallet truck frame assembly.  Always wear safety shoes when operating this equipment.
  •  Do not allow pallet truck to “shock load” by dropping from one level to another.
  • Make sure length of pallet truck forks match the length of the pallet.  It is critical that the rollers extend beyond the openings after the pallet bottom boards.
  • Hand pallet trucks are intended to be operated on hard and flat surfaces.  If ramps are encountered, it is recommended that a hand pallet truck with optional manual brake be used.
  • Hand pallet trucks are not to be used by an operator that is not physically capable of safely maneuvering the hand pallet truck with the load.
  • Like any other mechanical equipment, hand pallet trucks should be lubricated and inspected periodically (at least every six months) for loose or missing components.  Report an unsafe pallet truck to your supervisor and DO NOT operate unsafe equipment.

Stop N' Hold® Pallet Jack Stop Improves Safety

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Cargo Securement

cargo-securement-regulationsOur unique pallet jack stop was designed to improve pallet jack safety by eliminating freight and trailer door damage due to runaway pallet trucks.  It's easy to use, easy to store, and it protects valuable freight and equipment from damage caused when a pallet truck drifts.

Our pallet jack stop - also called a pallet jack chock - is ideal for trucking companies, freight carriers, and other material handling customers that need to secure their pallet truck.

Did you know that Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Cargo Securement Rules 393.106 says:

"Articles of cargo that are likely to roll must be restrained by chocks, wedges, a cradle or other equivalent means to prevent rolling.  The means of prevention of preventing rolling must not be capable of unintentionally unfastened or loose while the vehicle is in transit."

  • Save your load bar for your cargo. 
  • Avoid driver and carrier citations that could cost you hundreds of dollars!
  • Secure your pallet jack with Stop N' Hold®.

Meet-cargo_securement-regulations-with-pallet-chockSTOP N’ HOLD® is lightweight (weighing about 3 lbs.) and easy to use allowing any freight carrier to easily secure their pallet truck during transit. This unique and inexpensive chock is an ideal solution to improve pallet jack safety in the trucking and freight industry.

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