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Complete Trucker Solutions -
Pallet Jack System with Safety in Mind

Secure Pallet Jacks in Transit

Pallet Jack ManufactuerLook no Further.  We offer a complete pallet jack solution for the common carrier trucking industry. 

  • Available in 27 X 48 and
    20.5 X 48 fork configurations.
  • Conforms to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Cargo Securement Rules 393.106
  • Durable, pallet trucks available in both standard and odd sizes, including narrow, heavy duty, and low profile.
  • Includes Stop N' Hold pallet jack chock - amazingly reliable.
  • Includes chock holder mounted to the pallet jack - never lose your Stop N' Hold!

National Account Pricing For Pallet JacksThis complete solution for common carrier trucking conforms to Federal DOT specifications and secures the pallet truck while in transit.

Want to learn more?  Contact Palletsmith today!

Stop Expensive Damage
from Shifting Pallet Jacks

A Chock For your Pallet JackExperienced Truckers know the horror stories!

  • Pallet Jacks that roll out of trailers to hit cars
  • Trailer doors cracked and busted
  • Truck and freight damage due to sliding pallet jacks

Palletsmith's® Stop N' Hold® makes all that damage, expense, and lost time a thing of the past!

Everything you need for pallet jack safety in one package!  Contact Palletsmith today to place your order.

Use Stop N' Hold to secure your pallet jacks where you put them.  Researched and specially constructed to do the job right.  You'll be impressed by the stability this simple but well-manufactured device provides.

 It's not too much to say that Palletsmith Pallet Jacks with Stop N' Hold could save lives!  Call 1-800-868-5438 to order yours today.


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